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Anthrax logo
Anarcho-Punk / Hardcore

Gravesend, Kent

1980 - 1984, reformed 2009

Band MembersEdit

  • Gary Budd (aka Oskar) (vocals)
  • David Cubitt (aka Dee) (guitar)
  • Sean Connolly (rhythm guitar)
  • Gareth Davies (bass)
  • Lawrence Windle (bass)
  • Peter Stratton (drums)


Not to be confused with the later US Thrash band of the same name, Anthrax were a pioneering Anarcho-Punk band in the vein of Crass and Conflict who came to be fairly legendary in the Punk scene of the day. They toured extensively with the likes of Conflict, Naked , X-Cretas and D.I.R.T., and also played two tours of Holland, arranged by Dutch band The Ex.

For more information, go to and .

Related BandsEdit

  • X-Cretas - Dee, Lawrence, Pete
  • Antisect - Lawrence


  • 1981 Demo
  • 1982 Demo
  • 1982 'Capitalism Is Cannibalism' EP (221984/9)
  • 1982 'They've Got It All Wrong' EP (Small 27)
  • 2007 'One Last Drop' CD
  • 2012 'All For The Cause' CD / LP


  • 28/03/81 - ??? (+ X-Cretas + Lost Cherrees)
  • ??/10/81 - Red Lion, Gravesend
  • 09/10/81 - London (supporting Conflict, with The Sinyx+ Annie Anxiety)
  • 05/11/?? - Red Lion, Gravesend (supporting Conflict + D.I.R.T.)
  • 27/08/82 - Red Lion, Gravesend
  • 26/09/82 - Moonlight Club, London
  • 22/11/82 - ?Pied Bull, Islington, London (+ X-Cretas + Fallout)

The band also played two tours of Holland, arranged by Dutch band The Ex.

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