Thrash Metal (covers and original)


March 1999 to October 2000

Band MembersEdit

  • Marc Neudeck (guitar, bass, vocals)
  • Dan Edwards (guitar, vocals)
  • Andrew Kitney ("Bungle") (bass, vocals)
  • Steve Campkin (drums)


Bind was a continuation of Eschatology (essentially playing the same material), after a transitional line-up change prompted a change of name. The "One In Six" CD was recorded by the previous lineup, but released under the name Bind.

The band slimmed down to a 3-piece for the last few gigs, following Bungle's departure in 2000.

Related BandsEdit

'One In Six' CD demo 1999Edit

(recorded as Eschatology, released as Bind)

1. Insanity
2. One In Six
3. Told
4. Psiren
5. Eat The Baby (unlisted)
Recorded March 1999 at Delta Studios, Chartham. Engineered by Julian Whitfield.


  • ??/??/00 - Gravesend, Red Lion (+ Balbulus + Einsteifen)
  • ??/??/00 - Dartford, Mick Jagger Centre (+ other bands)