Band MembersEdit

  • Chris Maycock [Manky] (bass, vocals)
  • Richard Carlisle [Zippy] (guitar, vocals)
  • Kerry Allen (guitar, vocals)
  • Tony Hughes (drums)
  • Malcolm Berry [Plug] (drums)

Info Edit

Formed from The Sedated and Total Loss, Conditional Discharge never played live. They recorded an EP "Young Rebel "on Herne Bay Studios.The band were classed as Oi! But the singer Manky was not a fan of the associated skin head racism involved in the genre and insisted the band were primarily punks.

Related BandsEdit

Demo 1982Edit

  1. Law Victim
  2. Society
  3. Total Loss
  4. Dressed In Black
  5. Big Fat Boss

Recorded on 4-track at Europa Sound Studios, 20th Feb 1982.


Click on POSTER for poster/flyer

  • 27/02/82 - Folkestone, Marine Pavilion (supp. The Dark + The Sedated + Mutilate(POSTER)
  • ??/??/8? - Hythe, Youth Club
  • ??/??/8? - Folkestone, Mayfair Suite

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