Thrash Metal

Ashford, Kent

c.1990 to early 1990s

Band MembersEdit

  • Lee Reed (vocals)
  • Derek Heffernan (guitar)
  • Gary Friend (bass)
  • Simon Jeffrey (drums)
  • Gary Moore (drums) later replaced Simon. 


Creature Teacher initially formed as a 3-piece before recruiting Lee on vocals. Their brand of original Thrash Metal could regularly be heard at Ashford venues the County Hotel and The Castle.

Song titles included: "Dead Head", "Creature Teacher", "Mitochondrial Eve", "Toilet Eater", "Girls Night Out", "Pesticide" "Insult to injury" "lest we forget" "mentalism" "Walking wounded"

Related BandsEdit



These are the only gigs for which details are available.

  • ??/??/90 - Ashford, The Castle
  • 18/01/92 - Ashford, County Hotel (+ Innards )


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