Punk /Metal (covers)



Band MembersEdit

  • Ken Graham (vocals)
  • John Wood (guitar)
  • Marc Neudeck (bass)
  • Martyn Cheesman (drums)


F.U.T.A. was a short-lived Punk covers band formed by the 3 ex-members of Elemental, with Ken Graham on vocals. They only played 2 gigs (the 1st of which in fancy dress!) before Ken and Martyn left to form the Emo/Hardcore band Flipside , which eventually evolved into Earshot.

And yes, F.U.T.A. does stand for what you probably think it does!

Related BandsEdit

List of coversEdit

  • Sex Pistols "Anarchy In The UK"
  • Therapy? "Potato Junkie"
  • Therapy? "Animal Bones"
  • RATM "Tire Me"
  • Black Sabbath "Into The Void"
  • Faith No More "The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies"
  • Korn "Faggot"
  • Coal Chamber "Loco"
  • Coal Chamber "Sway"
  • Ozric Tentacles "Dissolution"
  • Crow "FE Stomp"
  • Elemental "Overdose"
  • Limp Bizkit "Faith"
  • Tom Jones "It's Not Unusual"


Click on (POSTER) for poster/flyer

  • 13/06/98 - Ashford, The Victoria (supp. Jesus Fix) (POSTER)
  • ??/??/98 - Ashford, The Victoria (all-dayer - other acts inc. Phoenix + High Brazil?)

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