Experimental Post-Punk / Psychedelia

Orpington, Kent

c.1981 to 1983

Band MembersEdit

  • Cliff Dowton - vocals
  • Simon Pritchard - vocals, cello
  • Rory Manchee - guitar
  • Simon Marchant - guitar
  • David Evans - bass
  • Cliff McLenehan - bass
  • Steve Goulding - drums
  • Nick Kenway - keyboard
  • Matthew Smith - vocals, violin, keyboard and bicycle frame


Greenfield Leisure were a post-punk collective who produced experimental DIY music, with songs formed out of improvised recordings.

A detailed history can be read here:

Related BandsEdit


  • 1981 'L'Orange' 7" (CAMP1)
  • 1981 'Those Far Off Summers' EP (CAMP2)
  • 1981 'Candies' EP (ILL912) - not released due to label going bankrupt.


  • ??/??/81 - Brixton, Old Queens Head

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