Thrash Metal

Whitstable, Kent

1992/3 - 1995

Band MembersEdit

  • Tim Upcroft (guitar)
  • Phil Baxter (guitar)
  • Andy 'Mosh' Welch (bass)
  • Paul Elvidge (drums)
  • Chris Clark (guitar) performed with the band a couple of times


Fast and furious Thrash Metal with a dose of Punk.

The band formed in 1993 and released their first demo - A Good Day to Die - in 1994. The demo consisted of five tracks:

Headrush, DJH, A Good Day To Die, Summers Ablaze and Time to Jump

During the mid 1990's the band played a number of gigs in the Canterbury area, commencing with their debut at the Whitstable Labour Club on 30th January 1994, followed by a phenomenal (more in terms of phenomenon - near death experience on the way home! - than in the amount of fans in attendance) gig at the Red Lion, located on the most desolate industrial estate Northfleet (Gravesend) could offer. This gig saw Chris Clark's final venture with the band.

Headrush went on to play a number of gigs at the Penny Theatre, Canterbury throughout May and June 1994 in both the role of headliners and support with bands such as Silver, Maccabees, (16th June 1994), Sonar Nation and Tinker Creek (11th August 1994).

Other gigs included a support slot for Sorb at the Jamaica Bar (7th May 1994) and a headline gig at the Ship in Margate.

The band eventually dissipated as individual members followed their own paths. In 1997 Tim, Andy and Paul reunited musically as Death From Above; a band that was to ultimately transform into the phenomenally fast and brutal Severed Head.

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  • ??/??/94 - The Ship, Margate
  • 15/01/94 - Whitstable, Labour Club (POSTER)
  • 07/05/94 - Jamaica Bar, The Lido, Margate (Sorb (H), Headrush, Deceiful Bow)
  • 12/05/94 - Canterbury, Penny Theatre
  • 16/06/94 - Canterbury, Penny Theatre (Silver (Headliners), Headrush, Maccabees)
  • 11/08/94 - Canterbury, Penny Theatre (Headrush (H), Sonar Nation, Tinker Creek)
  • 29/07/95 - Whitstable, Assembly Rooms (POSTER)