Thrash Metal

Herne Bay

1989 to 1994

Band MembersEdit

  • Luke Bell (bass, vocals)
  • Mark Gubb (guitar)
  • Brockman Darley (guitar)
  • Tod Guest (drums)

  • Danny Webster (drums) later replaced Tod.


Related BandsEdit

'Paint The Seas Black' demo (1990)Edit

  1. All I See
  2. Paint The Seas Black
  3. Vein Truths

'Thoughtless Ways' demo (1992)Edit

  1. The Sewer Children
  2. Friendly Fire
  3. Thoughtless Ways
  4. Blind Faith

'Things Are Looking Up' demo (1993)Edit

  1. Never
  2. Drags the Rats
  3. Friendly Fire (Reprise)
  4. Jealousy
  5. 48 Hours in LA

'Frog On A Lily Pad' demo (1994)Edit

  1. Bough
  2. All For What?
  3. KKK
  4. What's Yours Is Mine


These are the only gigs for which details are available. More info needed:

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