Sheerness, Kent

early 1979 - Sept 1987

Band MembersEdit

  • Tony White (vocals)
  • Chris Counsell (guitar, vocals)
  • Alan Dann (guitar)
  • Kevin Nash (bass)
  • Chris Midgely (bass + vocals)
  • Paul Morgan (drums)
  • Kevin Arnold (drums)
  • Carl Carrick (drums)
  • Paula (vocals) replaced Tony in early 1987.


Related BandsEdit

  • The Commited - Alan
  • All Flags Burn - Co-founded by Kevin Nash


  • 1979 Demo
  • 1983 Demo
  • 1983 'One Step Forward Towards Reality' 7" (Fish 4)
  • 2007 'One Step Backwards' CD


These are the only gigs for which details are available.

  • 21/03/81 - Herne Bay, Pier Hotel (supp. The Rivals , w. The Commited )
  • 11/11/83 - Isle of Sheppey, Minster, Little Oyster (supp. Subhumans, w. The Commited, Abandoned, Shadow Cabinet)

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