Experimental / Post-Punk / Industrial

Romney Marsh

early 1985 to present

Band MembersEdit

  • L. D. McBride (vocals, instruments)
  • Andy H. (vocals, instruments)

  • Dave Jones (DJ) (bass, vocals)
  • Paul Jones (drums)
  • Troy Glover-Smith (drums)

Occasional other musicians contribute to live performances.


Formed initially as a recording project by L.D. McBride and Andy H. in 1985, Nancy's Place's existence has seen them play relatively few times, less than 20 performances over more than 20 years. The phenomenal amount of recorded material they have bequeathed (estimated at well over 100 hours) delves into the dark, disturbing world of the human psyche, invoking comparisons with Post-Punk and Industrial acts such as Throbbing Gristle, Swans, Death In June and Joy Division. Pounding primal songs are interspersed with morbid poetry, unsettling textures, drones and found sounds.

Nancy's Place's rare live performances have become the stuff of cult legend in the local scene, the twisted undercurrents of the music being accompanied by some form of visual performance from McBride. Potted plants, flour, umbrellas, sex-dolls and chocolate cake have all featured in latter-day gigs. The guitarists all play with their backs to the audience, and a continuous backing tape drone gives rise to the misconception that they only play one song per performance. Sets invariably end with the track "Jesus Rising", an unholy accusatory assault driven by a primitive ritualistic beat from the two drummers.

Much more info can be found on their MySpace site .

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  • 03/12/88 - Folkestone, Bottoms
  • 25/04/90 - Folkestone, Heroes
  • 22/02/91 - Folkestone, Bottoms
  • 27/07/91 - Hythe, Greenpeace Festival
  • 19/06/92 - Lewes, All Saints Church
  • 28/03/97 - Folkestone, Bottoms
  • 05/07/97 - Brighton, Free Butt
  • 25/07/98 - Folkestone, Labour Hall
  • 24/07/99 - Folkestone, Labour Hall
  • 17/04/02 - Canterbury, Art College
  • 10/08/02 - Folkestone, Harp Club
  • 13/12/02 - Folkestone, Harp Club (+ Einsteifen ?)
  • 26/07/03 - Folkestone, Harp Club (+ Lambda Sond )
  • 12/03/04 - Folkestone, Harp Club (+ The Clits Of Oris )
  • 15/07/10 - Margate, West Coast Bar (+ Jesus Fix + Tragic Millennium )
  • 17/07/10 - Folkestone, Bar Below (+ Jesus Fix + Tragic Mllennium + Open Wrist Exile )
  • 08/04/11 - Folkestone, Bar Below (+ Jesus Fix + The Lykes Of Yew + Balbulus )
  • 25/10/14 - Folkestone, Quaterhouse (+ other acts inc. Warrior Squares, Flange Zoo, Hand Of Stabs)
  • 24/06/17 - Folkestone, Harp Club (+ The Hose + Flange Zoo)

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