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2000 to 2001

Band MembersEdit

  • Andy Hawkins (guitar, vocals)
  • Dave Jones (DJ) (bass, vocals)
  • Sasha Brooman (drums)


Nil By Mouth emerged from the final lineup of Pornocop. They played for about a year before changing name to Surgery Without Research.

Related BandsEdit



  • 19/10/00 - Sandgate, Gee's (supp.Ashtray Boy + Indigo Seal)
  • 17/02/01 - Folkestone, Happy Frenchman (supp. The Casinos)
  • 03/05/01 - Sandgate, Gee's (+ The Casinos + The Oakacetator) order uncertain
  • ??/??/01 - Maidstone, Union Bar (other acts unknown)

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