Garage Rock / Psych


Mid 1980s? to 1989?

Band MembersEdit

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Planet Mushroom were a young energetic garage/psych band who were an active part of the late 80s Medway scene. The band later evolved into a succession of psychedelic space-rock bands: Moonweed, Oracle Mind, and finally Soma.

Related BandsEdit


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  • 27/03/88 - Chatham, Sunset Strip
  • 03/04/88 - Chatham, Sunset Strip (supp. Envy)
  • 16/04/88 - Chatham, Town Hall (supp. Envy)
  • 25/06/88 - Sittingbourne, The Crown
  • 26/06/88 - Chatham, Sunset Strip ( + The Dovers)
  • 02/07/88 - Chatham, Churchills ( + The Green Hornets)
  • 09/07/88 - Sheerness, The Railway ( + The Strookas)

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