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Playground logo

Post-Punk / Industrial

Herne Bay, Kent

1986 - 1992?

Band MembersEdit


  • Richard Johnson (Richo) (vocals)
  • Andy Pearson (guitar)
  • Paul "Fuzz" Wright (bass)
  • Paul Dudeney (drums)


  • Andy Pearson (guitar)
  • Patrick Murphy (bass)


Playground was a cult Post-Punk band from Herne Bay. Musically based around primal drum rhythms, guitar noise and shouted vocals, the band comprised initially of Richo Johnson, Andy Pearson, Paul Wright and Paul Dudeney. With this initial line-up they released several demo and live tapes, as well as two 7”s (“Seeking The Truth” and “Conception Pay Off”) and a mini-LP (“Sleeping Dogs”).

In 1989 Richo, Paul Wright and Paul Dudeney left to form Splintered , which ventured off into more experimental and psychedelic territory. Andy P. carried on with the Playground name and formed a new version of the band (often referred to as Playground Mk II) in a slightly more Industrial vein, with former Epidemic bassist Patrick Murphy and a drum machine, releasing a CD album (“Resilience”).

Over the years some of the members were actively involved in various promotional ventures, including the legendary Alternative fanzines Grim Humour and Adverse Effect , plus the Fourth Dimension record label.

Related BandsEdit


as Playground Mk I:

  • 1986 'So Sure In Love' demo (FD03)
  • 1987 'Final' cassette (FD08)
  • 1987-1989 'Guilty But Original' live cassette series (FD11)
  • 1988 'Seeking The Truth' 7" (FDS18)
  • 1988 'Sleeping Dogs' 12" MLP (DYL1)
  • 1989 'Conception Payoff' 7" (DYS3)
  • 1990 'Neither Slave Nor Master' cassette

as Playground Mk II:

  • 1991 'Sure' 12" EP (DPROMS 3)
  • 1991 'Resilience' CD (DPROMCD 5)


  • 05/09/86 - Folkestone
  • 13/09/86 - Luton
  • 08/12/86 - London
  • 11/04/87 - Ashford
  • 18/08/87 - London
  • 20/08/88 - Canterbury
  • 23/10/88 - London
  • 25/10/88 - Canterbury
  • 24/03/89 - London
  • 09/05/89 - Canterbury
  • 22/05/89 - London

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