Folkestone, Kent

Mid 90s - 2000

Band MembersEdit

  • Nick Parmenter (vocals)
  • Gina Miloch (guitar)
  • Dave Jones (DJ) (bass)
  • Sasha Brooman (drums)

  • Andy Hawkins (vocals) later replaced Nick for the last couple of gigs.


Pornocop played edgy, petulant Punk with a twisted Goth edge. In addition to their own material, they played a Punked-up version of Dead Or Alive's "You Spin Me Right Round".

Andy, Dj and Sasha went on to form Nil Ny Mouth, which became Surgery Without Research.

Related BandsEdit



These are the only gigs for which details are available.

  • 10/05/97 - Folkestone, Bottoms (supp. Elemental , with The Irreverents )
  • 22/11/97 - Folkestone, Bottoms (+ Sausage Biscuit + Fallen Angel )
  • ??/03/99 - Canterbury, Cardinal's Cap
  • ??/??/9? - Folkestone, Harp Club (supp. The Sods, w. Einsteifen )
  • ??/??/9? - Canterbury, Cardinal's Cap (supp. The Sods, w. Einsteifen )
  • ??/04/99 - Folkestone, Happy Frenchman
  • ??/06/99 - Canterbury, Cardinal's Cap (supp. Two Worlds Collide , with ???)
  • ??/10/99 - Folkestone, Stripes Club (+ Glass Elevator + Beamer )

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