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Anarcho-Punk / Thrash

Thanet, Kent

Late 80s - early 00s

Band MembersEdit

  • Alex Symers (Mongo) (vocals, earlier bass)
  • Daymo (guitar)
  • Nathan Wood (guitar)
  • Pete (bass)
  • Chris Hogg (drums)

Previous members:

  • Mike Suttle (vocals)
  • Zac (guitar)
  • Andy (bass, vocals)
  • Luke Bell (bass)
  • Dave Thurlow (guitar)
  • Dave Kai (vocals)
  • Brock (guitar)
  • Nick (guitar)
  • Pilley (guitar)


S.O.R.B. were a long-running Anarcho-Punk band, with an ever-changing line-up revolving around permanent drummer Chris Hogg. Their lyrics dealt with political and social issues, sometimes in a tongue-in-cheek manner.

Apparently, the name S.O.R.B. was initially chosen due to it being Bros backwards, though various phrases were later attributed to the acronym, most notably Savage Onslaught of Rabid Bananas. Other possible suggestions include Surgeons Of Research and Biotechnology and Sick On Ramsgate Beach...

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  • 1989 Demo 1
  • 1990 'Death, Destruction, Torture and Pain' Demo
  • 1990 'Better By Far' Demo
  • 1991 'The Banana's Back' Demo
  • 1991 Demo 4
  • 1994 'Fux Hunting' Demo
  • 1995 'Outlook' Demo
  • 1997 Demo 7
  • 2002 'Best You Beware Of Teddy Scare' CD
  • 2003 'More Than Just A Punky-Growl-A-Thon' CD
  • 2004 'Germ Attack' CD