Power Electronics / Industrial / Noise

Herne Bay, Kent

early 1990s - late 1990s

Band MembersEdit

  • Kerry White (bass, vocals)
  • Richard Johnson (guitar)
  • James Machin (guitar)
  • Steve Pittis (synthesizer, electronics)


Slugbait were an infamous extreme noise outfit, utilising harsh static and dissonant feedback to create their output.

Members of Slugbait were actively invovled in many promotional ventures, including the legendary Alternative fanzines Grim Humour and Adverse Effect , plus the Fourth Dimension and Dirter record labels.

Related BandsEdit


  • 1995 'Medium To Heavy Flow' CD (DPROMCD 26)
  • 1995 'Smell Is The Strongest Sense For Fond Memories' 7", S/Sided (FDS32)
  • 1996 Merzbow/Slugbait split CD (DPROMCD 43)


Not sure if Slugbait were a live act?

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