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Post-Punk / Industrial / Noise

Herne Bay, Kent

1989 - 1997

Band MembersEdit

Line-up until 1996:

  • Richard Johnson (vocals, guitar, samples)
  • James Machin (guitar, vocals)
  • Colin Bradley (guitar)
  • Paul Wright (bass, vocals)
  • Paul Dudeney (drums, percussion, vocals)
  • Steve Pittis (analogue synths, samples)

Line-up 1997:

  • Richard Johnson (vocals, guitar, samples)
  • Colin Bradley (guitar)
  • Hassini Malik (guitar)
  • Stuart Carter (bass)
  • James Hodson (drums, percussion, bamboo flute)


Splintered was formed by 3 ex-members of Playground . Initially taking up where Playground had left off (more or less), the band gradually built upon the base of primal rhythms and guitar noise, taking the band's sound into more experimental and psychedelic realms of horror.

As well as spawning a multitude of side-projects and other bands, the members have over the years been involved in many promotional ventures, including the legendary Alternative fanzines Grim Humour and Adverse Effect , plus the Fourth Dimension and Dirter record labels.

Related BandsEdit


  • 1990 'Nothing' 7" (SX09)
  • 1991 'Pigmeat (Remix)' 7" (FDS26)
  • 1991 Splintered/Cindytalk split 7" (FDS25)
  • 1991 'Link' 7" EP (DE001)
  • 1992 'Parapraxis' LP/CD/MC (SPASM4)
  • 1992 Splintered/Back Off Cupids split 7" (DF01)
  • 1992 Splintered/Headbutt split CD single (N31)
  • 1993 'Godsend' 7" (7DPROMS13)
  • 1993 'The Judas Cradle' CD (DPROMCD17)
  • 1993 'Hilt' 7" (PBR009)
  • 1994 'Comparatively Mainstream' 7" EP (AQR703)
  • 1994 'Hated in Holland' Splintered/No Tomorrow Charlie split 7" (FDS29)
  • 1995 'Noumena' LP (DPROMLP33)
  • 1996 'Smokescreen' 7" EP (009)
  • 1996 'Moraine' LP (SUG013)
  • 1996 Splintered/RLW split CD (BRCD 96-1005)
  • 1998 'Noumena' CD reissue (FDCD60/SUG 016/AMA41)


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