Post-Punk / Psychedelia


Late 1994 - ?

Band MembersEdit

  • Jason McKenzie (vocals, jaw's harp)
  • Richard (Zippy) Carlile (guitar, vocals, flute)
  • Jon Lawrence (guitar, didgeridoo)
  • Craig Rossiter (bass)
  • Adrian Hartridge (drums)
  • Richard Cron (guitar) was previously in the band, before being replaced by Jon


The Elements evolved from post-punk band The Trees .

Members of the band also created a didgeridoo-based ambient recording project called The Flow .

Related BandsEdit


1995 'The Elements' CD (ETHER CD1) Edit

  1. World
  2. Circle
  3. Can You Swim?
  4. Earth
  5. The Feeling's Mutual
  6. They Saw Nothing
  7. Brainsong
  8. Rain
  9. Air
  10. 10101
  11. Dragon
  12. Eclyptic
  13. Clarity
  14. Yer Blues

Recorded & mixed in 17 days 1995 by Peye Cudmore & The Elements at Astra Studios, Monks Horton.

Released on Ether Records.


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