Canterbury, Kent

1977? - 1979

Band MembersEdit

  • Tony Tarrats (vocals)
  • Paul Street (guitar)
  • Don Turnbull (bass)
  • Aiden 'Tig' Challis (drums)


The Infested were one of the earliest Punk bands in Kent. Paul Street left in 1979, and the band changed name to Wasteland .

Tig was later involved in a motorbike accident which left him confined to a wheelchair with brain damage. He sadly died in 2009.

Related BandsEdit

Tig's brother Ben was vocalist for Whitstable band The Ignerents (later The Beekeepers ).


2 EPs were planned, but never released:

  • "Flies EP" (Dead City Records, 20/01/78)
  • "1977 Here We Come" (Disaster Records, 05/06/78)


  • 02/02/79? - Canterbury Art College (+ The Provokers + John Baine)

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