Canterbury, Kent

late 1970s to c.1980?

Band MembersEdit

  • Simon Terry (?)
  • Steve Conway (bass, vocals)
  • John Lewis (guitar, vocals)
  • Jim Hackford (drums)
  • Russell Lax (drums) later replaced Jim


The Names were part of the first wave of Kent Punk bands, alongside The Infested , The Ignerents and The Rivals. The band originally formed at Simon Langton School.

Related BandsEdit


  • 1980 'Too Cool To Dance' 7"


  • ??/??/?? - Canterbury, Marlowe Theatre
  • They played at my 21st birthday party at UKC in February 1979 supporting The Stay at Homes who I played drums for and who also contained Rick Jones who later went on to form Swansway and Strawberry Switchblade