Oi Punk


early 1981 to 1983

Band MembersEdit

  • Paul Knight (vocals)
  • Richard 'Zippy' Carlile (guitar)
  • Bob Beasley (bass)
  • Malcolm Berry (drums)
  • Clive Giblin (bass) left before the band played any gigs


Taking their name from the Ramones song "I Wanna Be Sedated", The Sedated were an Oi Punk band active during the early 80s. Bob and Paul also ran a fanzine called "Ready To Ruck", which later became "New Mania".

Related BandsEdit


  • 198? Demo 1
  • 198? Demo 2
  • 198? 'Beer, Boots & Seaside Rebels'


Click on POSTER for poster/flyer

  • ??/??/?? - ??? (+ The Modettes)
  • ??/??/?? - ??? (+ Anti-Establishment)
  • ??/??/82 - Skunkz Club (supp. Peter & The Test Tube Babies)
  • 27/02/82 - Folkestone, Marine Pavilion (supp. The Dark, w. Mutilate + Conditional Discharge ) (POSTER)

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