Experimental / Industrial / Punk


1994 to 1996, reformed 2005 to present

Band MembersEdit

  • "Dr. Maya" - Rob Jones (vocals, other stuff)
  • "Sir Head" - Russ Crimewave (effects, other instruments)

Additional members from 2005:

  • Gregg (guitar)
  • Karl (bass)
  • Elfin (theatrics)


Related BandsEdit


  • 'Screwed' MC 1994
  • unknown MC
  • 'The Great British Mistake' CD single 2006
  • 'JazzDub Futhermucker' CD single 2007
  • 'A Tribute To William Burroughs' CD 2007
  • 'A New World Order' CD single 2007
  • 'The Eight Fold Path'


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