aka Bastard LovechildCheyne-Stoker

Gothic Rock



Band MembersEdit

  • Steve "Tree" Wheaton (vocals)
  • Ian Hickingbotham (guitar)
  • Dave Jones (bass, vocals)
  • Gary Smith (drums)


Trauma Doll was a short-lived Goth band formed by ex-members of Einsteifen , Dog Ugly and Uncool Frank . The band were initially billed as Cheyne-Stoker in the run-up to the first gig, but played under the name Bastard Lovechild on the night.

With Tree on vocals, comparisons to Einsteifen were inevitable, but some songs had a bluesy Sabbath groove that moved them beyond such comparisons.

Related BandsEdit


  • 05/11/05 - Folkestone, Harp Club (supp. Balbulus )

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