Deal, Kent

Early 90s to 1996, reformed early 00s

Band MembersEdit

  • Simon Rumsey (bass, vocals)
  • Kevin Short (guitar)
  • Tony Martin (drums)

  • Carl Welburn (bass) joined when the band reformed.


Unforgiven were a hard rock/metal band based in Deal, formed by ex-members of punk band Headless State (previously Mutilate ). The original trio was active in the early 90s, and went their seperate ways in 1996. They later reformed with a fourth member in the early 2000s.

Related BandsEdit

'Filth' CD (2004)Edit

Unforgiven Filth cover
  1. Highlands
  2. Love You Like Candy
  3. The Cut
  4. Wholly Non-Communion
  5. Filth
  6. Another Pleasure
  7. Blue
  8. Shot
  9. Expedient Crush
  10. Time
  11. Drowning
  12. Bucolic Plague
  13. Hour Of The Pig
  14. Speed